June 16 – Mr. Sunrise


At a conference yesterday, I ran into someone who follows my photos. He greeted me “Hi, Mr. Sunrise”. I guess I earned that title. It sure fit today. The sunrise was spectacular today. Want me to give you a wake up call?  It is impossible to pick a favorite. One goes on the blog and several others straight on to Facebook. Maybe this weekend I will tally up the number of sunrise posts since July 1.


June 15 – I Stopped Today


There are several interesting barns along Highway 52 between Rosemount and Rochester.  Sometimes I am past before I remember. Other times there is too much traffic to pull over. I finally stopped to photograph this barn near Zumbrota. Hope I can get the others on another day.

June 14 – Go Explore


There are some beautiful scenes in the rural areas around the Twin Cities, particularly here in Dakota County. I love the variety of colors and textures. I stopped for this picture on the way back from Rochester with my mom. She usually brings good photo mojo on this drive. Even if you don’t go visit your mom, go explore the rural landscape.

June 13 – Just Need A Photo


The sunrise fooled me this morning. It looked promising but clouds thickened. I put my camera away and headed to work. On my right, I see a scarlet sun rising up. I just couldn’t find a spot for a photo and get off the road. This leads to the end of the day in need of a photo. Thankfully, flowers continue to bloom in the backyard.

June 12 – Waited Until I Got Downtown


With all of the rain yesterday, there should be no surprise at a very foggy morning. The siren song of photographs called to me on my drive to work. I kept reminding myself of the long list of things to do this morning. I made it all the way downtown before I got the camera out. The combination of skyline, fog, sunrise and blue sky could not be passed up. Hard to see those things on this peek through the fence. Just an intriguing image.

June 11 – Sunday Morning


I originally published this early this morning, but my blog mysteriously disconnected from Facebook. This is my third attempt 😦

Happy Sunday morning to all. Sally has my car so I explored on foot this morning. A pretty sunrise, but everywhere I went the good views were blocked by trees and houses. The day required some different perspectives. This is Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, my church for the past 30+ years. No intended symbolism, just an interesting photo. I am an usher at the 11:00 service today. Come and say “hi”.