June 19 – Cleared For Takeoff


There is a pond along the highway before you get to Windom that is often filled with pelicans. None there this morning 😦  I looked again on my way home. A single pelican was king (or queen) of the rock. Not interested in posing for photos, Took flight soon after I arrived.

June 18 – Just Keep Wandering


I wanted to try someplace new this morning. Google suggested Pine Bend Bluffs. Looked promising until I found the entrance road closed. I headed north looking for a spot in Inver Grove Heights or South St. Paul. No luck. I eventually wandered to Harriett Island. Nope. Bad angle with clouds on the horizon. I saw the Smith Avenue Bridge behind me. I’ve never been on that bridge. Bingo! A great view. All I had to do was wait for the clouds to push through.

June 17 – More Than Sunrise


I can get so focused on the sky that I miss things around me. I went out this morning specifically not to photograph the sunrise. If I didn’t see anything, then I still got a walk on a pretty morning. The birds were very active. Lots of duck families. I almost missed the swans. I saw them as I was headed back to the car. Beautiful birds!