June 30 – 365


Here it is. The last photo in A Year in the Life. A heartfelt thanks to all who have viewed my photos. I probably would not have made it without your support. I had to go out with a sunrise. It was my go to photo during the year. The sunrise signals the start of a new day. While A Year in the Life is done, my photo posts are not. Watch this space!

June 29 – One More Day

The next to the last day of my year and I came close to not posting. My computer ran out of battery and I don’t have the power cord with me. Very lucky the camera talks to my phone. I am running out of words of wisdom about this year. I am curious to see what the final day holds.

June 28 – Lightning


I am fascinated with trying to photograph lightning. Lots of moving pieces. You need to be in a place where you can (safely) see lightning. Why do so many thunderstorms come through late at night? I set the camera at a fast shutter speed with continuous shooting. You have to have the camera pointed in the right direction. You have to press the shutter release quickly and not shake the camera. It’s nice if it is not raining. Easy, right? Stay tuned. I am determined to get a cool lightning picture.

June 27 – Downtown


If you are thinking about doing a photo project like, make sure that you work in a place that has photo opportunities. Riverfront, skyline, buildings, Nicollet Mall – many photos during this year came from Downtown Minneapolis. It is a great setting and I did not explore as much as I hoped. Sometimes (like today) all I needed to do was look out my window. This is not a particularly memorable shot, but it is a good example of the images there on any given day.

June 26 – A Maze

A byproduct of the Nicollet Mall reconstruction is the impact on the sidewalks. Some are closed. Some don’t cross at the intersection. You have to cross 7th Street twice just to cross the Mall. I never go outside when I am in a hurry.

Someone asked what I have learned this year. In no particular order of importance:

I love taking landscape photos. Where is the image that I would like to see again? So much beauty in the world.

I thought I would explore more. Many work days didn’t leave time.

I am more likely to stop and take a photo instead of driving past. Haven’t been late yet.

My photos are a reflection of me.

Experiment with the camera settings but don’t obsess. You can clearly help your photos with the proper settings but you still need to “see” the image. The right settings don’t help an uninteresting photo.

Lightroom and Photoshop are wonderful tools and black holes for my time.


June 25 – Placeholder


Come July 1, I will not miss the need to take and post a photo every day. I have grown tired of the days when I don’t have a photo I want to post, yet have to post one anyway. Hopefully, this will make my future posts more interesting. It will probably reduce the number of flower photos.

June 24 – The Final Week


One more week and my year of photos will be complete. I cannot believe it is almost over. Last Fall, June 30 seemed so far away. Now, it feels like I started not long ago. I want to use the next seven days to wrap up. If I don’t, my post on Friday gets pretty long. The most important thing to say is “thank you”. I am amazed and flattered at the number of people looked, liked and commented on my posts. It is hard to judge your own work, so your words, likes and comments mean a lot. You have encouraged me to continue on with this blog. More on what’s next in the coming days. Today’s photo is Downtown Saint Paul from the steps of the Cathedral.