February 26 – Hey, I Found A River


Most of what I see in the Minnesota River valley are the marshy lands along the River. I have some favorite photo spots. The trails in the National Wildlife Refuge all border marshes. I forget that there is a river here. The opening of the new Cedar Avenue trail has brought me down to explore the area. This morning I went looking for a sunrise – over the marsh. The sunrise was so-so. Some exploring led me to the River bank and this beautiful scene. 34 years in Apple Valley and I have never gone to see the River.


February 25 – I Want To Be A Cat


While I can’t quite see my body curling into a shape (a much larger one) like this, it does look very cozy. A┬ácat sprawled out in the afternoon sun is my mental image of relaxed. No sun for Leonard today. Sky is Leonard colored. Regardless, this picture makes me want to take a nap.

February 24 – Not Quite A Foot


Anytime the weather forecast contains the possibility of a foot (or more) of snow, it gets your attention. Particularly when it immediately follows a string of record high temperatures. I understand that there is a certain margin of error in forecasting, but this sets a new standard for missing the mark. The loud crash you heard this morning was the sound of snow day dreams being crushed on bare streets!

February 23 – Is It Spring Yet?


It must be getting close to Spring because Jeanne’s flowers save me (again) on a day without another photo. This beautiful Amaryllis is blooming in our dining room. I am pretty sure that tomorrow will be a reminder that Spring is not here yet.

February 22 – Just Another Sunrise


Just another beautiful sunrise over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. It is day 237 in my year of photos and I feel like I have done a lot of riverfront sunrise pictures. Hard to pass up a nice day and a pretty sunrise. Always looking for a different perspective.

February 21 – Squirrel (er, Fog)!


Puffy clouds on the dawn horizon are my primary distraction. Fog is a close second. I was all set to ride the bus until I came out of the gym to lots of fog. So, I got a cup of coffee and parked in the Minnesota River valley. I think I was lucky to get this shot. While I was waiting for some sunrise color, the fog just got thicker. When I finally headed off to work the fog was so thick it was hard to photograph anything.

February 20 – February Showers Bring…?


What weird weather! Almost 60 and rain. The rain made it an even more dreary day. It gets harder and harder to separate the years without something to bookmark the date. I know I will want to remember when it rained in February.