February 19 – Full Circle


On Monday, I started my week at Vermillion Falls Park in Hastings. I went back this morning. My two best location scouts, Jeanne Fifield and Jeannine Churchill, went there yesterday and saw things I missed. Beautiful views from a river bridge over a gorge that seems out of place in Hastings. This picture comes from the ruins of an mill along the river. A great start to another April day in February!


February 18 – Eastview Speech


I coach high school speech. More specifically, I coach Informative Speaking at Eastview High School. We hosted a tournament today. Just a little thing – only about 1,100 amazing young people. It was a hard day to pick a photo because both sunrise and sunset were beautiful. However, today belonged to these talented students and the many people that made our tournament go off without a hitch. Well done!

February 17 – Duck Yoga?


What an extraordinary, but very strange, day! I am not supposed to out hiking without a coat and sweating on February 17. This afternoon I checked out the new trail improvements around the old Cedar Avenue Bridge. Still a work in progress, but very nice. Should be a great place this spring when things get green. Lots of ducks there today. I marvel at these three. How do you twist your head around, stand on one leg and sleep? Be careful of the “Sleeping Duck” at your next yoga class.

February 17 – Room With A View


The string of mornings with amazing sunrises continues. Finding a photo is kind of like real estate – location, location, location. Travelling to a morning meeting allowed me to wander the Chain of Lakes. This view is looking out of the band shell at Lake Harriet.

February 15 – Yet Another Perspective


I figure that by June 30 I will have taken a photo of Downtown Minneapolis from every possible perspective. This view is from the top of Ramp C. This photo is not the most dramatic one from today (lots of great clouds). I just like how the buildings reflect the colors of the sky out of this frame to the left.

February 14 – Valentine’s Day


I cannot imagine a more beautiful start to Valentine’s Day. Incredible colors over Lake Minnetonka. This beats roses and chocolate! Ok, I got a little carried away, but it is still amazing.

February 13 – Vermillion Falls


In all of the times that I have been to Hastings, I have never gone to see Vermillion Falls. A beautiful little waterfall in a city park. Fun to see it in the winter. If you go anytime soon, be careful. The path to the overlook is really icy!