February 12 – Just in Time


One of the benefits of wandering around looking for sunrise photo spots is that I get to see places in Dakota County I haven’t seen before. The trick is remembering what you’ve seen and where it is. I drove by this great old barn earlier in the morning before sunrise. By the time I decided that this was “the spot”, I had to scramble to get back. I made it just in time.


February 11 – Take a Stand


I don’t recall ever attending a “protest” event. Nine years old is a little young to grasp the Civil Rights Movement. As a teenager in Kansas, I had other things on my mind during the Vietnam War. As a white male in Minnesota in the suburbs, nothing has pushed me off the sofa and out the door. Until now. I have never been more concerned about the direction of our country. There are important issues to address and we are trapped in a very bad episode of The Twilight Zone. I draw inspiration from Howard Beale in the 1976 movie Network – “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” I am proud to live in a country where I have the right to join with others, raise our voices and say “We are not going to take this anymore.” As the numbers grow and the voices rise, someone has to listen. I am proud to Stand with Planned Parenthood and with my Framily. Be informed, get involved, get off the sofa. Whew…glad I got that out of my system!

February 10 – Rear View Sunrise


The clouds teased me into coming out of my office for a photo. It looked like a chance for good color. I decided to try shooting from behind the buildings. This is the view from the top of Ramp A. Just a bit too many clouds.

February 7 – Garden Gnome?


Consulting with local governments requires a certain amount of travel. In wandering Minnesota, I get exposed to all kinds of interesting scenery. I stopped to take a photo of this curious statue in Foley. The perfect addition to your backyard landscaping. Sure to keep the neighborhood kids away.

February 6 – Finally


It seems like a very long time since I had the chance to photograph a remarkable sunrise. Lots of gray days and some heightened expectations. With the sunrises I have seen over the past seven months, my criteria for a beautiful sunrise have gone up. I almost missed it today. I went out of a coffee shop to get something from my car and saw a brilliant pink sky. By the time I drove to a decent place for a photo, much of the color had faded. But, the rising sun proved just as pretty.