February 5 – Happy Birthday Grammy


Tomorrow is my mom’s 85th birthday. Christine, Sally and I went to Rochester and took Grammy out to lunch. Lots of fun. If mom was willing to have a “machine”, she would be able to see this post. Nonetheless, Happy Birthday Mom!


February 4 – Minne-Apple


Today was the Apple Valley Speech Tournament – the Minne-Apple. The tournament has gotten so big that the novices compete at Falcon Ridge Middle School. The challenge for hosting a large competition is finding space for everything. Some events were held in locker bays, administrative offices and the gym. Here is Extemporaneous Speaking in the gym. It would be hard enough to give a speech on a topic you drew 30 minutes ago without the added noise and distraction of the gym.

February 3 – All Backed Up


This day in the life began finding a very wet laundry room at 3:30 AM. No better way to start a Friday than a backed up sewer! It gets even better when the backup has spilled over into the wall and carpet. About 12 hours later the carpet and sheet rock are gone and the restoration process is well underway. Kudos to Roto Rooter for making this process about as painless as possible/

February 2 – Blue Skies and Clouds


Sally and I have a nice new routine. Once a week we will get together when she her lunch/afternoon break. While I was waiting for her, the sun dipped behind the Basilica of Saint Mary. Wispy clouds were racing across a blue sky we have seen too little of. A very pretty scene. Fun fact – this was the first Basilica in the United States.

February 1 – Bright Night


Finally, a morning with puffy white clouds and not the numbing blanket of gray. The clouds this morning seemed illuminated and they caught my eye. I am heading up Cedar debating what to do – go to work or take a picture. The photo won. This is the view from Fort Snelling looking towards downtown Minneapolis. I don’t know what made the sky look like this, but it sure was pretty.

January 31 – Puddles


A little bit of abstract photography for you today. I am always looking at reflections on buildings and windows. Today, I stopped to look at reflections in puddles. I am sure that I looked pretty goofy walking around a parking lot photographing puddles. All good lessons from this project – look at things differently, stop and take the photo, accept that you may look goofy.

January 30 – Devil’s Advocate


This is the window of a restaurant/bar in Downtown. This window has been on my photo “to do” list. I find it intriguing because it is true and creepy. “Devil’s Advocate” also reminds me of my dad. He relished being the devil’s advocate, perhaps a little too much sometimes. Some found him to be a bit of a contrarian. I think he just found it entertaining to take the other side of a discussion. I guess in need to go lift a glass to my dad at the Devil’s Advocate.