January 29 – Be Heard


Kudos to T-Rex Cookie & Coffee Cafe for hosting the @womensmarchmn letter writing event today. 1,200 letters! What a great crowd! I have rarely gotten involved in the political process, but then when have we lived in times like this? We all need to get off of the sofa and let our voices be heard. Goodness knows there is plenty to speak out about. Getting involved and amazing cookies. Pretty good day! Thanks, Tina. #beheard, #cookiesforacause, #trexcoookie


January 28 – I Want Some Color


The world is gray and white with a little brown mixed in! I really tried to find something colorful and interesting today. It says something when the best I could was a trail marker from my hike in Lebanon Hills Regional Park.

January 27 – Uncomfortable Realities


Since I started my photo a day project, I have been asking people for suggestions for photographs. A friend of mine challenged me (politely) to show more of the gritty side of downtown. There are certainly and sadly plenty of those photos to take. Every day, I see too many examples of people with very challenging lives. I tend to quicken my pace and hustle past. This little blue pickup caught my eye today. It was jammed full of stuff. There appeared to be hardly any room for the driver. A handicapped tag hung from the rearview mirror. I can’t imagine what it would be like living in my car. I wish that I could tell you that this scene flipped a switch and I will become more involved in addressing issues of poverty and homelessness. Still too far out of my comfort zone. Perhaps, seeing and naming the problem is a baby step in the right direction. If nothing else, we all must be truly grateful for lives we have been blessed to lead and we must consider how are we called to make a difference.

January 26 – Whirlyball


Have you ever played Whirlyball? Have you ever heard of Whirlyball? It is sort of adapted lacrosse in bumper cars. You get plastic scoops (we played catch with them when the girls were younger) and try to throw a wiffle ball into the middle of the target. Easier said than done. Lots of point blank shots missed. This outing was a social event of a professional organization I belong to. I recommend Whirlyball if you get the chance. Skill is not really needed. We were all equally inept. That helped make it lots of fun.

January 25 – Wandering in the Snow


It snowed (not a lot) this morning. The snow made downtown pretty and calm. I parked the car and just wandered around trying to find a way to capture the moment. It is hard to get snow, buildings and not too much light all squeezed into a photo. This scene caught my eye. With little traffic, I was able to stand in the street (in a crosswalk) to take this photo. No one honked.

January 24 – Summer Memory


Another one of those days. Never left the office today. Super dreary out – cloudy, patchy dirty snow. Sitting at home at the end of a gray January day with no photo. What do you do? Why shoot a flower, of course! Jeanne’s flower garden was my safety net last summer. It is now covered with very un-photogenic snow. Luckily, she is growing some beautiful Paperwhites inside. They do make me think of summer.

January 23 – Foggy Halo


I saw the glow from the top of the Wells Fargo Tower almost immediately after getting off of the bus. The fog and the building lights combined to create this beautiful and eerie halo of sorts. I walked for a couple of blocks periodically looking up and debating the photograph. I blew it off and went inside to get a cup of coffee. When I got to my office, I looked one last time. I grabbed my camera, went outside and took some pictures. Passing this up would have doomed me to yet another scramble at the end of the day for a photo. Moral of the story – If you see something interesting, stop and take a picture.