January 22 – We’re Outta Here


Fresh bird seed proved very popular. Lots of birds right outside our front door. I was able to shot out of a window – out of sight and warm. It was great chance to play with shutter speed. I was lucky to catch some birds in flight.


January 21 – Speech


I know there is a lot of angst about the future out there today. One way to help is to attend a high school speech tournament. There were at least five in Minnesota this weekend. I was in Chanhassen with about 1,000 bright, talented and well dressed high school students! You cannot help but entertained and inspired. The ability to prepare and give a speech is a skill lacking in many adults. These kids are our future and we are in good hands.

January 20 – Inauguration Day


Inauguration Day was the catalyst for protest marches/rallies across the area. This group was gathered on Nicollet just one block from Sally’s apartment. I had time to take a couple of pictures, but not enough to stay and process the message. Just 1,461 days until the President’s term is over. Please fasten your seat belts. Turbulence ahead!

January 19 – Different at Night


I have been on the downtown riverfront a lot during the day, but rarely at night. It seemed like a good detour on my way home from a conference. I was right. Very pretty and not miserably cold. There was a great scene from the 35 Bridge, but not a good idea to stop in traffic and pull out my camera.

January 18 – Summer’s Coming


Ok, “summer’s coming” is a little strong. Sunny and 40 is a pretty nice January day. (I must be in Minnesota to say that!) A day like this seems to put everyone in a better mood. A day like this also melts lots of snow. Puddles were the dominant feature on the landscape today. Sun and puddles – signs of a very nice day.

January 17 – State of Hockey


One of the things that I have learned in almost 40 years here is that Minnesota truly is the State of Hockey. Kids start young and adults keep playing. As a kid from Kansas, it has taken me a long time to get just a passing understanding. I am happy to skate without falling. Skating backwards with a stick? The ice center in Roseville was hopping tonight. This is not a great photo, but it basically captures the scene. This has been a beggars can’t be choosers kind of day.

January 16 – Bye Bye Christopher


We put our wonderful cat Christopher to sleep today. After +/- 20 years (that’s 133 people years), he had simply run out of gas. Christopher had the best personality of any cat I have ever known. Inquisitive, playful and friendly to everyone. He was smart, too. If the traditional methods of getting me out of bed to feed him didn’t work, he would find paper on the floor and crinkle it until I got up. I am convinced Christopher was a dude in another life. Among other things, he loved to sit in the bathroom and watch Jeanne take a bath. Christopher, if you get another life, come say hi. I will miss you. (Note – I fudged my rules a bit. I love this picture, but I did not take the original photo. I did, however, take this photo.)