June 4 – Oh Baby!


We have lived in this house for 29 years. Plenty of time to accumulate lots of stuff. Too much stuff exists solely because the house has several good storage spaces. Outta sight, outta mind! After several years of talking about it, the clutter goes in 2017. We are emptying closets and storage areas. As you would expect, we find some interesting things. One of the finds was a tub of Beenie Babies. Quite the rage in our house back in the day. They are headed for a garage sale and hopefully to make some new child happy. I was happy lining them up for this photo.


June 3 – Backyard Dinosaur


Few things look more out of place in time than a snapping turtle. Make them larger and put them in Jurassic Park. Jeanne spotted this one in the neighbor’s backyard this morning. The turtle lives in the pond across the street and comes to the neighbor’s yard to lay eggs. I am happy to report that she made it back across the street and to her home.

June 2 – Shoot, Gotta Post A Photo


A great Friday night with some old friends. Relaxed and tired from the week, Ready to head off to bed. Then I remember that I haven’t posted a photo today. Luckily, I took some photos in the backyard this afternoon. Once again saved by the flowers. Summer is here. Enjoy!

June 1 – Not As Easy As It Looks


One thing I have not figured out is how to predict fog in the Minnesota River valley. It feels like it catches me by surprise more often than not. Today was one of those days. Driving to work and “squirrel” (or “fog”)! It is amazing how fast the fog disappears as the sun rises. I thought I would have more photos to choose from, but I got to the Valley just a bit too late. Hard to find the right light and perspective to capture the fog. So begins the 12th and final month!

May 31 – Time For Reflection


Time for reflection means two things to me today. First, I am fascinated by reflections. They make interesting images in a variety of ways. The afternoon sun caught my eye in this globe in the garden. I put the camera on a timer to get my bod out of the picture. Second, is an upcoming month of reflection. Tomorrow begins the final month of my year of photos. I hope to share some reflections on this experience. My goal is to make June an interesting month of picture and word.

May 30 – Just Clouds


One of the things I have learned to appreciate in my 11 months of photos is the power of clouds. Many of my favorite photos have been shaped by the texture and color of the clouds. Most of the time I am running around looking for a piece of landscape to give some context to the sky. A frustration is that I have not found many good places for that here in the ‘burbs (sorry, Apple Valley). The clouds this morning were striking enough to make it without any help.

May 29 – Backseat Photographer


After an incredible weekend in Chicago with Christine, I drove back to the Twin Cities with Sally and Kabir. Two interesting things about the trip. The weather kept going back and forth between rain and sun. Lots of pretty clouds racing across the sky. Travelling with two young adults means that driving is shared. I spent part of the trip in the unusual spot of the backseat. May sit there more often because I can take photos. I took this picture with my iPhone at 70 mph on I-94.