May 14 – Happy Mother’s Day


You gotta love technology. Mother’s Day love even with one daughter in Chicago.


May 13 – Happy Birthday Randy


My friend Randy turned 60 on Thursday. Welcome to the club, brother! You could not find a nicer day than today to celebrate his birthday.

May 12 – Congrats Tara

Sally and Tara have been friends for…kind of forever. Tonight, we celebrated Tara’s graduation. She earned a Master’s degree from the Humphrey Institute at the U, just 38 years after I got mine. Didn’t see that coming. Congrats Tara. Good luck fixing the transportation system.

May 11 – Very Cute


A co-worker has been telling me about the family of foxes that live in her neighborhood, Evidently, the kits come out across the alley and play first thing in the morning. This was the day to check it out on my way to work. I was not disappointed. Three adorable kits bouncing around the yard across the alley. They were completely unfazed by me and my camera. This little guy was as curious about me as I was about him (or her). Very cute!

May 10 – Reflection Distraction


A beautiful sunrise this morning. Lots of great color. I looked for a place to take a photo on my drive to Minneapolis. Nothing! Once I got to downtown, it took me a while to find an open, metered space. As I pulled into the space, I noticed some nice cloud reflections on the building across the street. It proved to be an unfortunate distraction. I failed to see the fine print of “No Parking 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM”. Ticket at 7:47 😦 This was an expensive photo.

May 8 – Have A Heart


Work all day. Come home, cook a nice meal. Debrief the day with Jeanne. Enjoy a glass of wine. Wash dishes. Head off to work on a project and… crap, no photo! Lucky for me that April showers did bring May flowers. Thank you Jeannine for your Bleeding Hearts,