May 7 – Endings & Beginnings

Much of the activity the past few days has related to Christine’s move to Chicago. Family time and packing. It has not fully hit me that she is moving. I love having her in the Twin Cities for the past five years. While I will miss her a lot, I am very excited about the next chapter in her life. Big changes and new opportunities. I want to know what is around the next bend, but just need to sit back and enjoy the trip. Tonight, we ended one chapter and started another with laughter, love, food, wine and dice. Go be your amazing self!


May 2 – Thank God For The Super Bowl


The reconstruction of the Nicollet Mall is the SLOWEST project I have ever seen, It does not look substantially different than one year ago. The construction area continues to grow. Now, there are signs everywhere along the Mall stating “substantially complete” by November 2017. I guess we will see what that means. In any case, I know it will be done by the time the Super Bowl comes to town next year.

May 1 – Really!


Despite the weather in Minneapolis being high on the miserable index, I feel guilty about complaining. The snow accumulated north of here. Tornadoes and flooding in the south. Nonetheless, this scene out my window this afternoon was painful. It is not what I had in mind for May 1.

For those of you keeping score at home, just 60 days until the end of my photographic year,