April 23 – Sleepyheads


People keep telling me that they like my sunrise photos because they will never get up and go out to see it. You are missing a gorgeous time of day! The sunrise was just 6:15 today! Nonetheless, enjoy that extra hour of sleep and this photo. This is the Minnesota River valley just west of Cedar Avenue.


April 22 – Blackout


I haven’t done one of these in a while. I call them “blackouts”. For some pictures, it really helps to get rid of a distracting background. If I make the background black, then the central image pops. If you look close, you can see how the setting sun lights up the yard.

April 21 – Life Is A Blur


I went Downtown early because I heard the skyline was lit purple in honor of Prince. All I saw was a thin strip at the top of the IDS and the lights on the Target building. A disappointment! So, I took the opportunity to play with shutter speed. Traffic looks much better like this than down driving in it.

April 18 – Dassel/Darwin Park


For those of you that travel Highway 12 west between Dassel and Darwin (guessing that is a very small percentage of you), there is a rest area with a picnic area on top of a hill. I have driven past dozens of times. Today, I stopped. Pretty views from the top of the hill. It will really be beautiful when Spring is sprung and the sky is not battleship grey.

April 17 – Fort Snelling State Park


A beautiful day to hike at Fort Snelling State Park. Everything is slowly turning green. Very soon the green of Spring will explode. I do so love this time of year. A reward for enduring winter.