March 19 – Mendota Bridge


It’s hard when the sky says “great sunrise coming” too soon. I agonize over where to take photos, not wanting to miss an opportunity. My mental coin flipping this morning landed on Fort Snelling. Since I was there last Saturday, I looked for a new perspective. My wandering lead me to the Mendota Bridge. I found out that you have to walk almost the entire length of the bridge to get to the Minnesota River. Good walk and pretty pictures.


March 18 – Look At That!


I thought I had found a great spot for a sunrise, but the sky did not cooperate. The small sliver of sky I saw got swallowed up with clouds before the sun rose. Luckily, the birds continue to like our feeders. It is great when you can catch them in an interesting position. You can almost hear them say “Wow, look at that!”

March 17 – A Good Friday


A good day for photography. A variety of interesting photos to choose from. The birds in my front yard were very helpful. They kept posing while I got my camera set up in the kitchen. This finch was the pick for the photo of the day. The runner ups will get posted on Facebook.

March 14 – Old Barns Are Cool


Old barns are one of my favorite parts of the rural landscape. They have a unique character. I think this barn is interesting even if it is a little worn. I would love to have the wood when it gets torn down. Don’t know what I would do with it, but it looks intriguing.

March 13 – Go Fish


I often marvel at the amount of “stuff” that accumulates over the course of life. One category of my stuff is family heirlooms. With my dad gone and my mom downsized, many family items have ended up in my house. Here is an interesting one. It is a fishing reel given to my great-grandfather, Russell Greiner, by Rotary. I don’t know the back story and it may be lost in time. Russell (yep, that’s where the name comes from) was VERY active in Rotary. I have other Rotary mementoes. Hats off to all of my Rotarian friends!