March 12 – Scott & Jayne


A great treat this weekend was the chance to spend time with our friends Scott and Jayne. It is so hard to grasp that 20 years have passed since they moved to California (and now New Orleans). This is one of those friendships where time and distance do not matter. The relationship picks up as though you just saw them last week. Pretty cool!


March 11 – Fort Snelling


Some interesting color was peeking through between clouds and the horizon. After a couple of poor locations, I ended up at Fort Snelling. As soon as I got there the sky exploded with color. Note to self – grab gloves as you scramble out of the car. It was cold this morning!

March 9 – The Results


Last week, I asked for your help in deciding which photos to use in a display I will have in April. While I told you “riverfront” got the most support, I thought you might like more details. Besides, I don’t have any other photo for today. After getting lots of good guidance from family and friends, I am going to use some of each group I showed you on March 1. I have shuffled lots of photos over the past several weeks. A very interesting process! I will, however, have 30 very good photos to show.

March 7 – Valley View


Wow was it windy today! My car went sideways a couple of times. This would have been a good day to post video. Lots of interesting things moving around in the wind. I returned from meetings in central Minnesota in time to see a gorgeous sunset over the Minnesota River valley. The wind helped make some great cloud formations.

March 6 – Fire Up The Grill


I like to grill as much as anybody. It is, however, the first week of March and a line of severe storms were rumbling through. Imagine my surprise as I went to watch the rain and saw my neighbor trying to grill. I felt like a bit of a creeper taking this photo, but it is such a good image. I hope the burgers were good!