June 24 – The Final Week


One more week and my year of photos will be complete. I cannot believe it is almost over. Last Fall, June 30 seemed so far away. Now, it feels like I started not long ago. I want to use the next seven days to wrap up. If I don’t, my post on Friday gets pretty long. The most important thing to say is “thank you”. I am amazed and flattered at the number of people looked, liked and commented on my posts. It is hard to judge your own work, so your words, likes and comments mean a lot. You have encouraged me to continue on with this blog. More on what’s next in the coming days. Today’s photo is Downtown Saint Paul from the steps of the Cathedral.

One thought on “June 24 – The Final Week

  1. Just watched the 5th episode of COSMOS, “Hidden in Light” and its focus on colors and spectrum underscored😛 the beauty and magnificence of your photo project. Put them together 🤔🙏🏽🤗😙. Thanks much and best wishes. Garry


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