December 4 – Bright Idea


What do you do early on a Sunday morning when it is snowing? If you need a picture to post on your blog, then you get your camera and try to take advantage of the snow. I tried to photograph the falling snow, but all I got was an occasional white streak. There are some very pretty winter planters on our deck, but the photos were not very interesting. Luckily, the light bulbs hanging from the canopy frame gave me some things to work with. Nothing more fun than spending 15-20 minutes exploring different ways to photograph light bulbs!


December 3 – Swing Bridge


This is an old swing bridge on the Mississippi River that the City of Inver Grove Heights made into a recreational pier and park. I love the shapes and colors of the bridge. I am also very happy to have shadows in this picture because that means the sun is out! Even though there was a cold breeze coming off of the River, it was so nice to feel the sun and see some blue sky.

December 2 – Backup Lights


This was not a photograph friendly day. I was in the office early, then in meetings and then at the State Debate Tournament. I am driving home on a dark, dreary evening with no pictures and few ideas. Holiday lights will be the December equivalent of Jeanne’s flowers. If all else fails, find a house with a lot of lights.The house in this picture always goes all out at Christmas. This picture does not begin to capture the amount, the variety and the motion of these lights. I will have to go back and actually get out of my car next time! Looking at this house makes me want to watch Christmas Vacation.

December 1 -Holiday Lights


I love how Downtown embraces the holidays. It seems like everywhere you turn there is something festive – music, decorations, lights. I have been intrigued by these lights in the rotunda of City Center. They give off a soft, frosted glow that changes color as you watch. Laying on my back and looking up at the lights provides an interesting perspective. The lights don’t look anything like a snowflake from the side.

November 30 – The Three Wise Men


We all have our favorite holiday decorations – ornaments, santas, lights… Mine is my favorite holiday tie – The Three Wise Men (or is that “Wise Guys”). I never cease to be amazed by the timeless nature of the Three Stooges. Larry, Moe and Curly always elicit a “nice tie” wherever I go. So, the next time someone wishes you a “Happy Holidays”, ¬†feel free to respond “Certainly, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk”.

November 29 – Nuts!


I am really getting tired of these dreary, gray days. They zap my energy and, more importantly, create dull landscapes. I prowled around Downtown and found nothing new that said “take a picture of me”. I had no choice but to find a photo at home. Luckily, I married one of Santa’s elves who loves decorating for Christmas. Our nutcracker collection occupies one shelf of the living room bookcase. A festive sign of the season. A small bit creepy. I sometimes feel like they are watching me. Reporting back to Santa?

November 28 – I Guess It Rained


I was basically in the office all day. I heard thunder and some rain drops hitting my window, but didn’t really pay much attention. Just another dreary day. When I come home, I find a huge puddle in my backyard. Crazy for November! Very thankful that it was warm because this would have been a lot of snow. It also gave me a photo when I had nothing else in mind. Not great photography, but a day in my life nonetheless.