November 27 – Geese on Ice


There was LOTS of fog in the Valley this morning. It provided some interesting photo opportunities. (And…at 28 degrees, some slick roads and trails!) I wandered back to Jensen Lake hoping to double dip fog and sunrise. While the fog held off the sun, it was still a beautiful hike. This flock of geese posed nicely for me. I can’t imagine just sitting on the frozen lake. Then again, the geese probably think the same thing about ice fishing!


November 26 – A Frosty Morning


This time between Fall and Winter offers some interesting photo opportunities. Before too long, the entire landscape will be white. Today, there are still some colors to work with. This morning I went to Jensen Lake for (yes, that’s right) another sunrise. The sunrise was pretty, but not spectacular. Going back to the car, I noticed the accumulation of frost on plants. The frost crystals on plants make an excellent image for this transition time.

November 25 – We Are Framily


A fun, but long day. This is the closest I have come to not posting – 11:59. More tomorrow.

Ok, let’s try this again. I love having the day after Thanksgiving off. It doesn’t seem right to squeeze all that I am thankful for into one day. Yesterday was a great case in point. I am blessed to have a great circle of friends. They have grown from community into family. Yes, we are framily (cue Sister Sledge). Sorry, moving on. We gathered last night to break bread, lift glasses, celebrate, support, sing (but not dance). A wonderful continuation of the things that I am most thankful for in life! Thank you for your friendship today and, more importantly, in the days that lie ahead.

November 24 – Give Thanks


It is great to have a conscious pause in the every day routine to give thanks for all of life’s blessings. Shouldn’t we really have Thanksgiving at least once a month? I have so much to be thankful for – the love and support of family and friends, my health, activities that keep me challenged and fulfilled, the ability to travel…. I am not very good at capturing holidays in photos. A lot of people pictures seem posed. And, I get busy doing other things and all of a sudden people are leaving. I did get this picture of our two special guests today – Luna and Rue. Puppies are so cute!

November 23 – Ferris at 5:00


As much as shoveling snow is not at the top of my fun activities list, there is a certain serenity early on a snowy morning. If you are up and out before the snow blowers get started, there is a special calm and beauty. I tried to take this picture before anyone had driven on the street, but it appears that I am not the only early riser in the neighborhood.

November 22 -Makin’ Cookies


The circle of Christmas baking life – dough becomes cookies (if it makes the baking pan), cookies get eaten, no weight gets lost! Many thanks to Jeanne and Mom for bailing me out on a dreary day. I tried to photograph snowflakes, but that is more difficult than the moon.

November 21 – Signs of the Season


Me-120.jpgAs much as I am sad that Fall is gone, I do love the holiday season that follows. In our house, a sure sign of the Christmas season is baking. Tonight, my two favorites cookie monsters officially got us started with the first batch of cookie dough for 2016. Christmas cookie baking is a great tradition in my family. My mom and grandmother made dozens of cookie plates each year (see picture on right). Jeanne has been making cookies with the same friend for more than 20 years. It sure helps to put the “happy” in holidays!