November 13 – Super Moon, Super Hard


Tonight and tomorrow the moon will be the closest to the Earth since 1948. It will not be this close again until 2034. This proximity makes the moon appear unusually large at moonrise and moonset. I have spent a lot of time this weekend trying to figure out where and how to photograph the moon. This morning was a total washout. Zero pictures worth keeping. Too many moving pieces for me to handle this morning. When it is dark, if the moon is correct, everything else is dark. If I expose for the surroundings, the moon has no details. It was better this afternoon. Moonrise was just after sunset, so there was more light to work with. I spent an hour wandering around rural Dakota County looking for a good spot. We shall see what I learned today. Two more opportunities tomorrow!


November 12 – Birds are the New Flower


For the better part of the first four months of this project, flowers have been my safety net. I knew I could always get a pretty flower photo in the backyard if the day got away from me. The flowers are now all gone. Luckily, there are often birds hanging around our feeders. Today was full of work around the house and family. Little time to explore for photos. I am thankful for a big lens, a nice camera and hungry birds. Fingers crossed for good moon photos over the next two days.

November 11 – Ah….Friday!


Jeanne and I usually go out to eat on Friday night. We some times (ok, almost all the time) go to Burger Jones in Burnsville. We are not quite to “Norm” status (from Cheers), but we are pretty regular. We have our own server, Yvonne, who takes very good care of us. Burger Jones has a burger of the month. No surprise that in November it is a Thanksgiving Burger. Turkey burger with mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn and gravy. OMG! Toss in a good beer and other parts of the week fade away for a bit. Gotta go. Time for bed ­čśë

November 10 – Color Me Purple


I thought about and looked for a long time for some image to express my thoughts on life post-Election. I couldn’t find one so I made one. To stay true to this project, I photographed it ­čÖé ┬áThere are MANY more words that could be added, but these are the ones I chose. We have to learn from what happened and be better.

November 8 – Vote┬á

I would love to do a compelling photo and an interesting story but I don’t have it today. Too much on my mind. I have voted in 10 previous campaign Presidential elections and nothing compares to this. If you have not voted, GO VOTE! It matters. I was #883 at Greenleaf Elementary School this afternoon.

November 7 – Squirrel


In the movie Up, every time someone says “squirrel” the dogs stop whatever they are doing to look for a squirrel. One of my squirrels (I have several) is “sunrise”. When I see a pretty sunrise, I have to stop and take pictures. I was headed to Rochester this morning as the sky started to turn orange, red and purple. I spent the next 30 minutes driving down country roads along Highway 52 looking for a good photograph. Eventually, the sun came up and the squirrel went away.