November 6 – Take a Closer Look


november-62Hopelessly bored with the football game and in need of a photo, I hiked in Lebanon Hills Regional Park. What a gem! I am so lucky to have this amazing space near me. I finished a loop around a small lake and noticed that the sun was setting. Not wanting to be out late, I checked the time. It was……..3:15! I want daylight savings time back. With no fall colors, finding an interesting photo takes a little more work. I saw a milkweed pod that had potential. I have learned to make sure these photos are in focus. When the camera zoomed in so I could check the focus, I found the pod occupied with some very colorful insects. They became the subject and not the pod.


November 5 – Debate Sunrise


What’s a “debate sunrise”? It is a sunrise I get to see because I am judging at a debate tournament. In planning my travels, I noticed that Southwest High School is very near Lake Harriett. So, armed with my camera I waited for the sun to rise. I also had to avoid getting run over. You would not believe how many people run around Lake Harriett on Saturday morning! When the sun finally peaked over the tree line, it cast a wonderful glow on the bandshell and the shoreline. A great start to a great day. Gotta love Fall!

November 4 – Reflections on a Beautiful Day


I left work to catch an early bus and enjoy this GLORIOUS Fall day. I had a couple of extra minutes and no photo, so I decided to take a quick peek at the riverfront. Well, a quick peek turned into an hour (and no early bus). The Mississippi River was a sheet of glass and the sun was at a great angle. I  wandered both sides of the River taking photos. I cannot think of a better end to the week.

November 3 – Fall Hall


In my business, I see lots of city halls.  They come in all shapes, sizes and looks. While there are some very attractive new buildings, I favor the older, historic buildings. They have character and charm that is very difficult to replicate. One of my favorites is in Hastings. The building was the Dakota County Courthouse from 1871 to 1974. It did not become the city hall until almost 20 years later. I am thankful that the City preserved it (particularly today). Red brick + brilliant blue Fall sky + few remaining yellow leaves = nice photo.

November 2 – Unrise


Is it really a sunrise if the sun doesn’t appear? I thought there were enough breaks in the cloud that I was going to get some striking colors. I was wrong. The clouds did not budge. It is too much of a hike to the riverfront to walk away empty-handed. The lack of sun was probably a good thing. It forced me to look for other interesting scenes. I like this view of downtown from the River waking up in the “unrise”.