October 23 – Fall Perspective


Up until October, our backyard was a sea of beautiful flowers and plants. Slowly, the change of seasons has canceled most of the colors until Spring. Flowers have been replaced by dead leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. It is part of the cost of having large trees in our backyard. Raking is my Fall “sport”. We typically fill over 100 bags of leaves each Fall. This picture gives you the “low down” on the look of our backyard in October


October 22 – Telemark


Today, we hiked to the top of Mount Telemark. It was a beautiful hike, but a sad reminder of what Telemark used to be. Twenty-five years ago it was a wonderful outdoor activity resort. Now, it is closed and the lodge building may fall down before it is torn down. We hiked past the remnants of the ski lifts, still standing like some ancient relics. I will never truly understand how the resort couldn’t make it in a beautiful settings like this. I love coming here! #fallcolors, #telemark, #explorewisconsin.

October 19 – Hit The Road Jack


I love to take the backroads when I am in the northern Wisconsin. Beautiful and peaceful. Easier to be pokey and look for photo opportunities. I thought it would be interesting to give you a different perspective on the roads I traveled today. #rustpopspics, #fallcolors, #explorewisconsin.

October 18 – Sallygirl


Another great hike! Kathy and I hiked the Marengo River segment of the North Country Sallygirl-1.jpgTrail. A beautiful, but challenging, trail and two wonderful overlooks. I highly recommend it if you are in this area. While  I got a nice collection of photos, one part of the hike left no doubt about the photo for this post. Our second overlook was called “Sallygirl”! Spectacular views that reminded me a lot of our family hikes to Peter’s Dome. Can’t wait for Sally to join me hear!

October 17 – Foggy Fall Splendor


It really rained here last night. Still, I had hopes that the front had moved through and I might see a sunrise. When I looked out this morning, it was cloudy, but there was more. I couldn’t actually see the lake. It was really foggy! It turned into the strangest foggy day I can recall. Fog usually burns off in the morning. Today, the fog came and went three times. It made for some challenging, but interesting photos.