September 25 – Heirlooms


With my dad gone and my mom downsized into one room, I have collected a lot of family “stuff”. Some of it is furniture. The furniture is woven into our home and gives me a touchstone to where I grew up. Some day (maybe) Christine and Sally will have homes for this furniture. There is great variety in the collection of family stuff. We have Mom’s college homecoming queen trophy (to be used as the urn for her ashes), a  brick from my elementary school and a photograph of the family’s international champion Aberdeen Angus. A piece of the collection I look at every day is this bird bath. I can picture it clearly at my grandmother’s house and it often takes me back to sitting with Jane. We would have such great conversations. While baseball and politics were frequent topics, no part of my life seemed to be out of bounds for her. Best be prepared! She would have been an excellent prosecutor. It’s hard to know what stuff becomes a heirloom. A bird bath that is meaningful to me may not matter to the girls. And, the narrative changes because neither  of them knew Jane. I am very curious about what stuff becomes part of our family history.


September 24 – Huzzah


When Christine and Sally were little, we went to the Renaissance Festival every year. I think the first time was 1993 when Sally was just 1. Some people did the State Fair, we went to the Renaissance Festival. The girls got their faces painted and hair braided. We got princess outfits, dresses, stick horses, wax hands, and turkey drumsticks. Looking back in my archives, it looks like the last time we went was 2005. That is, until today. The four of us took a little stroll down memory lane. It was great fun trading stories about Renaissance memories. There are some good ones. I was amazed how little has changed. Many of my favorite shows are still going with the same people! Here is Tuey the Rope Walking Juggler. He said this is his 36th year of performing. Honestly, it doesn’t look like he has aged at all. What you can’t see in this picture is the ladder his is on is balancing on a rope that is on fire. Amazing! A great family time it was. Huzzah!

September 23 – Happy Birthday Christine


I can’t believe that Christine is 27 today! That makes me…never mind. This is Christine’s day. We had a wonderful lunch to celebrate. We swapped trip stories about NYC and Utah. We talked about my prediction that today marks the beginning of an interesting year for her. We agreed that there wasn’t a good place for a photo to use in this blog and she was ok with not being my focus today. When I got home I realized that I really wanted to say “Happy Birthday Christine” today. So, I improvised. These pictures are some of the “travels” I have had with Christine. Some amazing times. I look forward to where the road leads us next. I am a very proud Pops! Happy Birthday Teeny Bop! (This answers the of whether or not a photo of a photo is eligible for the blog.)

September 22 – T Rex Cookies


These are T-Rex Cookies. Yes, there are as large as they appear. They are  delicious! I hope my mom doesn’t read this post because I think these are my favorite cookies (Gasp!). Today, I bought Cherry Amaretto and Snickerdoodle.  The appeal of these cookies is enhanced since I know one of the bakers. Sally is helping to crank out cookies. The rise of this business is really an interesting story. I encourage you to check out the Facebook page or website. If you want the real deal, the cookie shop is on University a little west of 280. The cookies are also sold at Vikings games and the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. I was going to surprise Jeanne, but I got hungry taking pictures. Who know what will be left after I am done with this post.

September 21 – Oh Say Can You See


Finding an interesting photo can be like connect the dots. You have the first dot, now where do you go? Today, my first dot was the moon still visible in the morning sky. This little white dot on the blue background would not be very interesting. I looked for my second dot. This slightly worn flag flapping in the breeze caught my eye. I know I could have put these two images together in a more intriguing manner, but I was lacking in the necessary patience. Places to go, things to do.

This is day 83 of my photo a day for one year. So far, there seem to be three types of days. (1) I have a good photo to share and write about. (2) I have a photo that relates to a good story or event. (3) Every day can’t be inspiring and I just need a photo. It feels like today today falls into that 3rd category. I will try to be more interesting tomorrow.

September 20 – Debate


For the record, I want to state that I have interests that do not involve photography. One of my other interests got started  today. I coach debate at Eastview High School. Actually, this is the start of my 10th year of coaching. I coach Junior Varsity Classic Debate. This is my merry band of JV debaters. We had our first practice today and it looks like a fun season. I love coaching JV because they understand the basics, but have lots left to learn. Even if I am just a mediocre teacher, something has to stick. The topic they are preparing to debate is “Resolved: The United States federal government should pay financial reparations to African Americans to compensate for historic racial injustices”. I challenge any of you to bring this topic up the next time you are out with friends and looking for something to talk about. These young people have to debate both sides of this issue! Regardless of how competitively successful they are, this is wonderful life experience. It is a treat to have the opportunity to make debate meaningful and fun.

September 19 – Where Did Those Flowers Come From?


Over the past two months, I have shared photos of my favorite field of flowers in Rosemount. I have always wondered where those flowers go? I found out this weekend. My list for the Apple Valley farmer’s market on Saturday included flowers. One stand, in particular, had gorgeous bouquets for just $6.00! As I tried to decided what to buy, I noticed that the flowers looked very familiar. I was pretty sure that they were “my” flowers. The gentleman at the stand confirmed that these flowers did indeed come from that field. It’s pretty cool to complete the circle of life for these flowers. I don’t understand how you make money at $6.00, but I love the bargain. Too bad the party is almost over.