August 28 – Not Another Foggy Sunrise


Another Dense Fog Advisory got me going this morning. (I know, I have issues!) It was a truly foggy morning, but do you think it created any good pictures?!! I thought that the fog would make a great image of the downtown skyline. No fog in downtown. Back in the ‘burbs, some places were just too foggy. In one of my favorite river valley spots, the fog lifted as the sun rose. Luckily, my “Sally eyes” were on this morning. Sally always sees interesting things on the trail that I miss. While scanning the river valley, I happened to see several large spider webs. I like the way that this one spreads out over multiple branches. You probably didn’t want another foggy sunrise photo anyway.


August 27 – Odd Neighbors


If you have been in downtown Minneapolis recently, you can’t avoid some type of construction. It is EVERYWHERE! The Nicollet Mall looks like a war zone. You can rarely go more than one block before you hit more street construction. Building renovation, new housing, new hotels… This development boom leads to some curious architectural neighbors.The building on the right is the classic Lumber Exchange built in 1885. The building on the left is the new AC Hotel (part of the Marriott chain). The contrast in architecture just jumps out at you. It is a great way to compare historic and contemporary architecture styles. I know which one I like! I will meet you at the Pourhouse in the Lumber Exchange.

August 26 – Take a Closer Look


So, take a close look at this photo. What do you see? A photo that is a little blurry with some serious dust spots? Nope, this is a reflection with some leaves floating in the water. I am fascinated by all the different reflections downtown. There are a couple of pools (like this), lots of buildings and some surprising windows. Another way to look at the world. More to follow. Stay tuned.

August 25 – Photo Challenge


Today, my neighbor and gardener extraordinaire, Jeannine, threw down the photo gauntlet! She challenged me to photograph her blooming Aphrodite Hosta. (Note – I would  love to hear from others with any other “challenges” or photo requests.) Evidently, it is very unusual for it to bloom in August. I learn (well, maybe just hear) a lot about hostas from Jeannine and Jeanne. I ended up with two pictures that I liked. Check out the runner up at the end of this post. I hope I passed this challenge. Game on!


August 24 – Foshay


My plan to use left over ideas from yesterday was thwarted by a cloudy morning. Going from my bus stop to the office I had another “look up” experience.This time the Foshay Tower loomed overhead. I have always been fascinated by the Foshay. It is a downtown Minneapolis icon. It was the first skyscraper in Minneapolis and its tallest building for more than 40 years. Did you know it is modeled after the Washington Monument? While it is now in the shadows of other taller and shinier buildings, the Foshay will always be an important part of my skyline image.

August 23 – Cross the Moon


After several recent days of struggling to find a picture, I was due for a day of hard choices. I have been staring at my computer trying to decide between three photos. Each of the three are intriguing for different reasons. The one is chose is the cross above St. Olaf’s Church. I noticed it getting off the bus and stopped to take a picture instead of heading to the office. This cross looks like it is laying on a blue surface. While taking this picture, a couple of other things caught my eye. I hope this gives me a leg up on tomorrow.

August 22 – Rooftop Garden


The view out my office window is not the most picturesque. I look directly at the Marriott hotel across the street. I can see a sliver of Target Field and bits of skyline. I just assume nothing changes or is interesting. Dispelled that theory today. As I was packing to leave I noticed this garden on top of Mayo Clinic Square (formerly Block E). A very pretty sight among some ugly rooftops. It looks healthy and must have been there for a while. I guess I just assumed nothing interesting would ever be there and never looked.