August 21 – Circling the Moon


We took the backroads on the way back from Mankato. It was a very pretty drive (I love the rolling fields of corn) and I was looking for today’s picture. Outside of New Prague, we stopped to look at a lake full of pelicans. Sadly, it was too far away to make a decent photo. It turns out the real picture was above us. A huge flock of pelicans was riding the winds. This was a good example of the benefits of digital photography. Take enough photos and at least a couple will be good. There were two, in particular, that I liked and I debated all afternoon which one to use. I picked this photo because I find the moon and the number of birds to be very intriguing. If you are curious, the other photo is on my website – photos/critters.


August 20 – Rain, Who Cares!


We have a horse. I suppose, more accurately, Jeanne has a horse. (I will do a post on Raven in a few weeks.) Jeanne is lucky to have Raven at a nice, small stable near our house. People take turns doing chores at the stable. Jeanne’s day is Saturday. She called this morning to tell me the horses were on pasture and might make a good picture. She knew I was struggling to find a photo on a dreary, rainy day. The horses did indeed make a nice shot. If you think about it, it is a great day for them. No heat, no humidity, no flys! There was another photo I took today that was interesting. It shows the rain splashing on the road with the horses blurry in the background. Anyone like this better?


August 19 – En-Light-ening


Whoever sold streetlights to the City of Minneapolis for downtown made a fortune. The same lights are everywhere. I thought Google would tell me how many streetlights are in downtown (Google knows everything), but no luck. Now, I realize it is odd to notice streetlights in the first place. It is a byproduct of hanging out with landscape architects and learning the fine points of streetscape. Beyond the streetlights, it is interesting that the Orpheum Theater has chosen to save power by only lighting the “M” at night. I wonder if there was a contest to pick the letter to stay lit. And…it is comforting to know that Domino’s Pizza lights the way along Hennepin Avenue.

August 18 – Farmer’s Market


Every Thursday in the summer there is a downtown farmer’s market. It seems like farmer’s markets have popped up everywhere. The market was originally on Nicollet Mall. I loved it there! All of the products and people created a fun vibe. With the Mall under reconstruction, the market has relocated to the plaza outside of the County Government Center. A pretty setting, but just not the same. The farmer’s market is the BEST place to buy flowers. A large and gorgeous bouquet for $6.00! I am pretty sure that my favorite flower field is growing product for a farmer’s market. As pretty as the flowers were, I bought jalapeno cheese bread. I am off to make a grilled cheese sandwich. See you tomorrow!

August 17 – Garden Selfie


Among the many non-plant items in Jeanne’s garden is a very pretty gold “glow ball”. It is always full of interesting reflections. Today, I tried to use it for a selfie. If you look REALLY close at the center of the globe, you will see my image (sort of). Yes, it was one of those days where finding a  photo got moved to the back of the line. I am trying not to do a flower picture every time I get stuck.

August 16 – Dandelion


There are parts of Downtown that are not on my radar. Loring Park is one of them. I just don’t wander into this area very much. I got reintroduced to Loring Park this summer. It is a beautiful place. A good place to walk or just sit in the shade. For me, one of the highlights of the Park is the Dandelion Fountain. I like to sit and watch it. It is beautiful and soothing. I got some good pictures earlier this summer, but I can’t use them for today. I was in the neighborhood, so I went back. Put it on your list of places to visit in the Twin Cities.

August 15 – Look Up


Walking downtown requires a bit of focus. With everything under construction, I have to look down and watch what is under my feet. I also have to look ahead to navigate around the people glued to their phones (thank you Pokemon Go). I have to make a conscious effort to look up. It is hard to walk gazing to the sky. I feel like a bit of a tourist, staring up at buildings. Golly, will ya look at all those tall buildings! There are lots of interesting images up there. This is the Capella Tower. While the blue building and the blue sky are pretty, I think it is more intriguing as black and white. Much more imposing than your basic shiny blue skyscraper. Sort of expect to see Batman standing on top.