August 7 – Go Bald or Go Home


I started shaving my head about six years ago. My hair was so poorly distributed it didn’t make sense to try and keep any. Slowly but surely, my brother has been coming my way. His hair has gotten steadily shorter. Today was the first time I had seen it all gone. The bald brothers! What a far cry from 40+ years ago when we both had lots of hair. At one time or another, we both had yearbook photos where you would struggle to pick us (or maybe even get the gender wrong 🙂 ). Now, no gray, no haircuts, no hat hair, no comb overs. Go bald or go home!


August 6 – Art Fair


We went to the Powderhorn Park Art Fair today. You would think an art fair would be a great place to take photographs. After all, there is lots of beautiful….art there. Well, it turns out that most artists don’t like to have their stuff photographed. Besides, what do you have with a photograph of a cool photograph? Much of what you see at an art fair is lines of tents and LOTS of people (a gorgeous August day). Hard to find much interest in a stream of white tents. There were plenty of interesting people, but I am still working on getting good people pics in a crowd. My strategy was to look for some interesting objects, in a good setting and where it didn’t seem I would get in trouble. Here are some kitchen items repurposed into wind chimes. I have been wondering what to do with a silver pitcher just like that! Is it art or simply a way to declutter your house?

August 5 – Skyline


One of the more iconic photo views of the Minneapolis skyline comes from the 24th Street Pedestrian Bridge. This bridge spans 10 lanes of highway where 35W splits to go downtown and connect with I-94. Previous photographers have made lens holes in the chain link fence. The bridge is starting to show wear. The cement is cracking and worn. The bridge vibrates quite a bit as traffic roars by below. It is scheduled to be replaced as part of highway and transit improvements beginning in 2017. This wasn’t the best time of day to take pictures from this location, but I wanted to get this spot into my blog.  I would be very disappointed if I had dragged my feet and lost the opportunity. This view is definitely the “face” of downtown Minneapolis. Well worth some time on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

August 4 – Hakuna Matata 

Birthdays, homecomings, Lion King! Great celebration of Jeanne and Sally birthday and Elizabeth coming home after a year in Spain. I am not sure how many times we watched the movie, but the tape must be pretty worn. Nants ingonyama bagithi baba. How many of you knew that means “there comes a lion”?  

August 3 – Sun Bursts


I have photographed a lot of people lately. This is a good thing. Lots of fun with family and friends. I do truly enjoy, however, just wandering and looking for something interesting. I got to it a bit today. There is a reflecting pool I have been watching. With no wind and the right light, it should a memorable image. The wind was good, the light not so much. A photo for another day. What I did capture was the sun peeking through two pillars and its reflection. This is NOT a sunrise photo 🙂  I wonder what those two little birds are up to.

August 2 – National Night Out


The first Tuesday in August is National Night Out. We have lived here for 28 years and never participated. Guess it was about time. Not only did we participate, but the hub of activity was in front of our house. Most of the neighborhood came out. I got to meet people I have only waved to and reconnect with other “old timers” on Ferris. There were a couple of the uncomfortable moments – “Oh, we’ve lived  here for five years”  and they do not look familiar. The Fire Department brought a truck. The kids thought it was pretty cool sitting in a fire truck. Lots of people lingered to sit and chat. Too bad tomorrow is a work day. I recommend going to one in the future.

August 1 – Moving


This is Sally and her roommate Tara. If you paid attention to yesterday’s blog (a heartfelt thanks to the 2 or 3 of you out there), you might be thinking “Wait a minute. Isn’t Sally’s roommate named Darius?” As they say “That was then and this is now”. This afternoon Sally and five loads of stuff moved to a new apartment with Tara. Sally and Tara have been friends forever. There are many facets to this friendship. This is another. I hope it is the best one yet. Have fun unpacking and making the apartment a home!